X1 — "8. Eighteen Shades of Grey" from Xai, How Are You? 🅴

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Apr 09 2020 24 mins   13

While you're waiting for our Pesach special episode, coming to you this Sunday or Monday, today you can experience a crossover! Jaz went and hung out with Xava on her podcast, Xai, How Are You? They talked Talmud, hair dye, old genders, and also what to do if you don't like prayer.

Full transcript available here.

You can listen to Xai, How Are You? on Soundcloud, follow Xai, How Are You on Twitter, and support Xava on Patreon, which I encourage you to do! You can also support the Let My People Go campaign here and access the Gender Reveal Trans Survival Fund here. You can also read along the bit of Talmud we were discussing, Berachot 28a, here.

Content note: this episode is rated explicit, unlike our usual episodes, mostly for sexual innuendo and swearing.

The audio editing was done by Michael, of the Xai, How Are You? team and the transcript by Jaz. You can also support Kosher Queers on Patreon if you like what we do here.  

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