25 — Pesach: Let Our People Gay

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Apr 13 2020 83 mins   18

It's Pesach! Okay, yes, technically this episode comes out on the middle days of Pesach, during Chol HaMoed, not on the day itself, but we were just filled with so much Pesach energy that we have an extra-long special episode for you, all about the holiday. Instead of going through a parsha, we go through a haggadah, and then hear about cool different ways folks celebrate the holiday.

Full transcript available here.

The Keshet haggadah by Rabbi Nikki DeBlosi can be found here. At 36:50, Jaz cites this JFREJ haggadah, and a piece written by the awesome Koach Baruch Frazier called "Lo Dayenu" can be found on page 5. At 1:07:30, Jaz referenced writing on more accessible seders by Ruti Regan. Some of them are here under the seder tag. Here's one on being overstimulated and one on eating things when you need to.

Also, thank you to everyone who sent in responses to our Passover survey! Shout out to Izzy, DiCo, Rachel, Bec, Tova, Nora, Jessica, Sharon, Ariel, and an anonymous listener!

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