26 — Shemini: I Warned You About Smells, Bro

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Apr 16 2020 56 mins   17

In this week's episode, some poor unfortunate priest boys meet a sad end, we learn about Lulav's history of moirallegiance, and Lulav accuses Jaz of being cowboy-phobic. Also, lots of kashrut is invented.

Full transcript available here.

Content notes: There is a loud bleeping from 7:38-7:44, where personal identifying information has been removed. Also, this episode includes non-graphic discussion of people burning to death, mostly from 14:00 to 21:17 but with sporadic other references to it.

The bonus content Lulav mentions about a conversation with Khesed will be released on our Patreon this Monday!

The citation about Nadab and Abihu being drunk when entering the Mishkan and rendering a decision in the presence of their teacher can both be found in the Rashi here. At 26:30, Jaz refers to a bit of Talmud regarding a miracle, which can be found in Shabbat 32a and Taanit 20b. Also, the Talmud story that starts at 34:56 can be found in Bava Metzia 59b.

At 41:38, Lulav butchers the plural of the word "octopus." You can hear the word she was trying to say here, and a breakdown of why no one ever needs to say it anyway here. Also, Lulav follows it up with a joke about a wug, which is a reference to the wug test from linguistics. The wug is sort of the unofficial mascot of linguistics, because it's so cute. Jaz recommends The Trans Space Octopus Congregation by Bogi Takács, which is available for purchase from the publisher. Around 49:30, Jaz cites Sanhedrin 17a, found here.

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