25 | Robert Hansen - The Butcher Baker 🅴

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Sep 15 2017 22 mins   19
Robert Hansen was a quiet yet well known man in his quaint town in Alaska. He was nicknamed Baker Bob by the locals because of the delicious goods he would make in his bakery. He was also an avid and skilled hunter. No game was too little or too big for him. He would hunt sheep, wolves, bears and even....people. ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: [email protected] ---- Links: patreon.com/apexandabyss https://www.zazzle.com/apexandabyss https://apexandabyss.threadless.com/ ---- Music: Kai Engel - Paranoia Ars Sonor - Efterdyningen Broke For Free - My Always Mood