Episode 4: Oh, Cabana Boy!

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Feb 14 2020 118 mins   1
Join us as we do a spoiler-free deep dive of the third episode of Celebrity Mole: Hawaii. Our cast of characters is dwindling, but luckily we’ll get a cameo from our last boot who just couldn’t seem to get off the big island. Our team makes smoothies for no good reason, builds the world’s heaviest raft, and eats unidentified REAL HOT peppers (which we do our best to identify). At dinner, we finally get a formal glimpse into everyone’s mysterious notebook. Find out what gets Erik to laugh at Kathy for the first time throughout the whole game. Also, find out what else Tori & Jackie have been watching lately, and hear our thoughts on the wonderful Sia. We want your feedback! Send us an email at [email protected] Sign the change.org petition to bring back The Mole! https://www.change.org/p/abc-bring-back-abc-s-the-mole Thank you for listening, and join us next time as we do a deep dive into Episode 4 of Celebrity Mole: Hawaii!