Episode 5: Sunboiled

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Feb 21 2020 105 mins   1
Join us as we do a spoiler-free deep dive of the fourth episode of Celebrity Mole: Hawaii. We’re getting close to the end! Let's recap on our remaining cast of characters and fearless host: Ahmad Rashad: Still smoking the world’s largest cigar. Erik Von Detten: World’s Greatest Surfer & Math Wiz. Michael Boatman: Advocate for how unfair every challenge this season has been. Freddy: Still not giving much strategy, but the girl can surf. Kathy Griffin: Still herself. Important life updates: Jackie and Tori recognized a former Survivor contestant while on a trip to San Francisco, and they also watched Gigli after being inspired by J.Lo during the super bowl. Gigli: rhymes with really. AND we have a fun teaser with some exciting announcements coming up next episode! We love your feedback! Send us an email at [email protected] Sign the change.org petition to bring back The Mole! https://www.change.org/p/abc-bring-back-abc-s-the-mole Thank you for listening, and join us next time as we do a deep dive into the finale episode and reunion of Celebrity Mole: Hawaii!