26 | The Zodiac 🅴

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Sep 29 2017 49 mins   21
A serial killer who seems to be targeting young couples is on the loose in CA. This unknown man will send letters and ciphers to news outlets and police taunting their efforts to try and catch him. Will they ever discover who this man is or will his identity forever remain a mystery? ----twitter: @apexandabyssinstagram: @apexandabyssemail: [email protected] Website: apexandabyss.com ----Links:patreon.com/apexandabysshttps://www.zazzle.com/apexandabysshttps://apexandabyss.threadless.com/----Music:Kai Engel - AspiratoArs Sonor - EfterdyningenBroke For Free - 942 Miles