BOUNS: Pause Before You Pour: A pre-drinking check-in.

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Apr 23 2020 11 mins   4

Your relationship with alcohol is a conditioned habit. A auto pilot response to a number of stimulus and cues in your world. Just like brushing your teeth or driving a car, drinking has become what you do without much thought. To change any part of our routine, or to create a new habit, we must slow down enough to watch the habit unfold in real time. I created this deeply relaxing guided check in, for you to take a moment to tune into YOU, before you choose a drink. By doing this, you will step into the place of the witness if you do decide to drink. This new frame of mind alone, starts the process of rewiring the brain. You may also decide: you know what, a drink isn't what I need right now, I'll have some water and go to bed early instead. When you CHOOSE something new, or even approach your drinking from a new, curious perspective, the mind starts to shift and awareness grows. Please make sure you are in a safe space to tune in.