MSRcast 236: The Bringer of Metal

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Apr 25 2020 113 mins   5

Join your hosts Cary the Metal Geek and Sean the Metal Pigeon as they dive into a wide variety of new Metal releases and a classic track thrown in for good measure! Stay safe, and Keep it Metal!

Playlist: Aeternam - The Bringer of Rain - Al Qassam

Heaven Shall Burn - Protector - Of Truth And Sacrifice

Igorr - Nervous Waltz - Spirituality and Distortion

Kill Ritual - Touch the Dark - The Opaque and the Divine

Huntsmen - Ride Out - Mandala of Fear

Lucifer - Midnight Phantom - Lucifer III

Dynazty - Waterfall - The Dark Delight

Sorcerer - The Hammer of Witches

Sabaton and Apocalyptica - Angels Calling

Testament - Dream Deceiver - Titans of Creation

Shadowkeep - Guardian of the Sea - Shadowkeep

Noveria - The Nightmare - Aequilibrium

Wrathchild America - Hell’s Gates - Climbin’ the Walls

Myrkur - Leaves of Yggdrasil - Folkesange

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