Ep. 9 - Ryan Krueger, Founder of Krueger & Catalano: Appreciation Over Expectation

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Feb 19 2019 57 mins   2
Episode 9 - Ryan Krueger, Founder of Krueger & Catalano: Appreciation Over Expectation Associated links: Ryan's Firm Ryan's blog Thank you so much for listening, we really appreciate you. If you have found this valuable, please consider leaving us a review as it will help more people find it! Thanks you're awesome! You can find more information and content by going to these places: Website: https://www.investingcity.org YouTube: Investing City Twitter: investing_city Instagram: investing_city Or feel free to email us at service@investingcity.org If you would like $10 off/month on a Dynasty Membership, just email us with the keyword "Podcaster Elastimer" and we'll hook you up! (it had to be a strange yet memorable keyword right?!) Again, we really appreciate that you would take the time to listen. Hope it was valuable. Let us know if you have any questions! Below you will find our entire conversation transcripted for those with hearing problems or just if you like reading more than listening. Enjoy! Ryan Reeves 0:01 We are super happy to have Ryan Krueger on as a guest. So thank you so much for being here. Ryan. Ryan Krueger 0:09 It is my honor to be here. Thank you. Ryan Reeves 0:12 Great. So let's just get into some of your background. So you were at a Wall Street firm, one of the biggest out there, can you just tell us about how you got there, whether you were interested in money from an early age and kind of your progression just to leading up to that firm. Ryan Krueger 0:35 Okay, first memory of a fascination with the stock market actually turning into a transaction was when I was about 10 years old and begged my dad to take this cigar box full of a couple wadded up those that I had made and a baseball card trading glorious summer into a little computer stock that I thought made a lot of sense had absolutely no idea of course, what I was doing. And I remember fondly because it was a Houston company compact computers. And they had just Ryan and just introduced to their portable PC weighing in and sprightly 28 pounds. And fortunately for me, that first trade work and I was hooked and I don't know really how to explain it. Other than kind of all along during high school and college I was genuinely interested read voraciously and kind of always thought that that would be something I'd be super interested in. And I vividly recall showing up with a brand new suit I probably bought from Sears with my mother's help to try an interview at Smith, Barney. And they told me we don't interview kids your age. And so that that dream was going to be over fast. I thought and I really didn't know what to do. I had no other plans. I had no other believes I had no other interests, frankly. And so I went home and I don't know if it was a day or two. Or we it wasn't much crafted what I finally recall as my Hail Mary letter and said, I want to come back anyways. And you don't have to interview me, but I want to talk to you. And here's what I think. And here's what I believe in. And miraculously, he decided to give me a shot in the mail room and I started Ryan Reeves 3:03 that is incredible. Um, but first, just before we get into some of that. So how did you find compact computers? Like, were you reading the news? or How did you find that at 10 years old? Ryan Krueger 3:18 You know, I I don't remember specifically. I certainly have to give my my dad credit for probably having talked about capitalism a lot. I mean, he grew up dirt on a farm in the middle of Texas. And I just I wasn't blessed with any gifts, DNA wise physically. But I do remember fondly knowing that he he got up and started working for 35 o'clock, and I guess I got that bug. And then how do you make your money work hard for you, and getting to know his dad and how hard he worked, we would probably talk about...