#55 Veronica Brill: The Heroine Poker Needed

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Apr 28 2020 111 mins   21
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Today’s guest is the always tenacious and thoughtful Veronica Brill.

Veronica has been in and around the poker world for over a decade and was, of course, recently thrust directly into the spotlight for blowing the lid off of the alleged Mike Postle cheating scandal.

While we do touch base on the Mike Postle scandal, I wanted to make a conscious effort to avoid a conversation fully focused on a man who has done so much harm to the poker community.

A single chapter may be what you’re most familiar with when it comes to Veronica’s story, you’ll soon learn it’s simply that … a singular event in an amazing human being’s journey through life.

In our conversation today, you’ll learn:

- How Veronica fell into the poker world in the first place.
- The events that led to her getting involved with Stones Casino.
- My ideal poker student (When Veronica turns the tables and starts interviewing me).
- And much, much more!

So, without any further ado, I bring to you the indomitable Veronica Brill.