The Digitally Sick team talk Digital Health in Asia with Sanofi. We are joined by Jo Peddhinti, Head of Digital Marketing and Innovation for India and John Cairns, Head of Multi-Channel and Digital Innovation Asia and Japan.

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Nov 18 2019 45 mins   1
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Asia is a vast continent taking up one third of the entire earths land mass and contains 60% of the world’s population and it is growing fast. Its incredible combination of different cultures, different economies and incredible geographic variation combine to produce a melting pot of innovation. There is a very strong argument that Asia is the also the most exciting continent for digital innovation. The challenge of vast geographies and extremes of socio- economic variation mean digital health will be essential for tackling the rise of non-communicable diseases and supporting disease prevention, helping connect people in rural locations to health services supporting universal health coverage and supporting health care professionals improve the provision of care in economically difficult circumstances. We discuss how Sanofi are driving digital health innovation in Asia, both as a partner and as a company looking to develop innovative digital health solutions to improve patient care and support improved outcomes for people across the continent.