Chapter 4 - That Brent Guy! 🅴

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Apr 27 2020 104 mins   5

Chapter 4 - That Brent Guy!

Spiegel- Synergy 516 Need to order from Shannon 550 stretch.- KDS A5- KDS A7 Modifications- Danny Huynh Creations Facebook

- Magnus Out Till June School

Brent- Gaui NX7-Building a 2 blade and 3 blade- Southwest Heli Rodeo, also Vegas and Cali events. 50/50 Challenge- NX4

Whats New- HD Helicopters Germany-Closing shop, will be reopened in Arizona in early 2021 by Alan Moulton of Superstition Hobbies- The Flight Box Quarantine Call Out! Buy Sell- NX4- KDS 450

Main Topic- Blades- Brands?-Have you guys tried the new SpinBlades? -Brent-May try some on 2 blade NX7- Blade Spacers? Metal Plastic Love Hate - Blade sizes for 700-What is the difference between a 690 and 710 blade? Flight characteristics

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