“THE ORIGINAL GHOST HUNTER: HARRY PRICE” and More Terrifying True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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Apr 30 2020 69 mins   225
“THE ORIGINAL GHOST HUNTER: HARRY PRICE” and More Terrifying True Stories! #WeirdDarkness If you like the podcast, please leave a review in the podcast app you listen from, and share a link to the podcast on Facebook and Twitter to invite others to become Weirdos too! IN THIS EPISODE: In 1986 there was a surge in the number of people entering the Himalayan mountains, and never leaving. Those who did escape reported hearing a loud ringing alarm, so loud they had to cover their ears and run, and even then suffered severe or complete hearing loss. They may not have known it at the time, but they had just come into contact with SCP-6789, also known as Siren Head. (Siren Head) *** The coldest of cold cases for law enforcement in Idaho is the disappearance of Lillian Richey – and it’s also the most baffling, as Lillian disappeared from within her own home. (The Lillian Richey Vanishing) *** Many people consider Harry Price to be the first recognized ghost hunter in modern history. And he made a name for himself rather quickly. But then, if you are the first person to investigate the Borley Rectory, the most haunted building in England, you deserve to have your name remembered. (The Original Ghost Hunter: Harry Price) *** Grocery shopping is such a mundane activity that all families take part in it at some point, so it wasn’t a big deal when 11 year old Michaela and her mom went grocery shopping, picking up dinner for their Sunday night. Little did they know, they had caught the eye of a psychopath. (The Cheshire Murders) *** A family in Chicago was terrified when voices began emanating from the wall of their little girl’s bedroom! And the story has an odd twist, in that somehow, unbeknownst to me, I, your Weird Darkness narrator, Darren Marlar, and up right smack dab in the middle of it! (The Wall Spoke) *** 
In 1906, Clara Germana Cele, an orphaned 16-year-old girl living in South Africa, had her life changed forever. According to members of the clergy at St. Michael's Mission in Natal, the girl, known as Germana, sold her soul to the devil, and he immediately possessed her body and began causing havoc. 
(The Possession of Clara Germana) 
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