The Ridiculously Random Podcast 4/30/20: The Returning Champions!

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Apr 29 2020 135 mins   4
This week on YOUR Ridiculously Random Podcast.... Colin is away being essential but never fear, Big Ray has a co-host good enough to fill Colin's Wrangler Jeans! The Nerd of The Voices Of Misery takes some time off from Clappin' Season with the Nerdette to join the hilarity! This week we discuss the sad story of a Doctor in the heart of the Covid-19 pandemic so depressed from the horros she deciede to take her own life.... With this terrible news we focus in a a possible vaccine ready for the fall of 2020? WE continue to banter about various topics until we land on the conspiracy front! UFO sighting now being reported in main stream media? Why now??? We continue to jump around until we find ourselves in the Random Top 5 segment! This week we discuss the greatest Heavyweights Boxers of all-time! We then end the show with your email in the Random Mail Sack and we even get a Nerdette run-in! All this and so much more! Twitter: @YourRandomPod - Big Ray - Colin Wysong - Facebook:Voices Of Misery our fan page at Big Ray - Colin -