Ep. #16 Cultivating Self Trust

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Apr 29 2020 44 mins   3

The current theme in all of my work in some form, is creating self trust. As simple as it sounds, the concept runs deep and the implications of how it will not only change your relationship to alcohol, but shape your life are astounding.  If the definition of Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something, in our case, the self. How will we ever tap into innate wisdom when alcohol completely overrides, every  factor that defines trust? The paradigm has been: full speed ahead, or fake it until you make it, but that is all changing right before our eyes.  The holistic approach to change, mind, body, soul, is the only way for a full lived life to occur. To really know thy self. The way to cultivate trust is through stopping, slowing down and tuning in. There are many ways to "start" a practice or for a new routine, changing your relationship to alcohol must be met with a mental interruption to the outer world and an invitation to ask yourself, what is really my opinion on the way things are going? What do I have control over? Do I really know what I even value in life? This episode will give you practice tools to help you on the journey of cultivating deeper self trust. Reach out for a strategy session when you are ready: [email protected]