How to succeed as a GAMER on YouTube with Dan Carson

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Apr 30 2020 30 mins   14

Are you thinking of starting a gaming channel on YouTube? Or perhaps you've been gaming for a couple of years but now want to get serious about generating significantly more views and subscribers.

vidIQ's resident online gaming expert Dan Carson is here to help you wherever you are on your YouTube journey. In this week's episode of TubeTalk, he walks us through the most common mistakes YouTubers make when it comes to researching, creating, optimizing, and publishing gaming content.

While gameplaying or streaming Fortnite, Minecraft, Animal Crossing, and GTA content sounds fun (and it is!), you won't build your channel until you understand what kind of value you bring to your audience. Only by creating a strategy that sets you apart from the millions of other creators in the space will give you the tools to succeed.

For more solid advice around growing a gaming channel on YouTube check out these resources on our blog, or watch the full Playlist on YouTube.