Episode #4 - Jenna Rozelle

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Apr 29 2020 64 mins   7

Human. Forager. Hunter. Homesteader. Herbalist. Teacher. Student of Nature.

BIO: From a young age, Jenna Rozelle was taught that “Plants are medicine. Plants are food. They’re everywhere and available.” Jenna leads a life deeply in love with the natural world...with all the feelings.... Her annual calendar is that of roots, shoots, pickling, preserving, sighting in and check-station conversations.

She waded slowly into hunting and fishing in her twenties, after foraging had become integral for her .Jenna is motivated by food and the desire to take direct responsibility for feeding herself in a way that is mutually beneficial with her landscape. Hunting and fishing go hand in hand with foraging and land stewardship for her. It’s a lifestyle she’s deeply satisfied by, and eager to share and promote for those who are interested.

Jenna offers education for people who want to learn how to safely, ethically, and practically incorporate wild foods into their lives. Beyond food, she’s interested in fostering relationships between people and their local landscapes - aiming to erase that imaginary line between human and environment.


Episode Mentions/References:

A Beginner's Guide to Foraging Spring Greens - by Jenna

Foraging Books by Sam Thayer

Instagram: @jennarozelle