Episode #1: Two Dans, One Love

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Mar 13 2020 56 mins   9

Here we go!

Episode #1 of the Lead with Nature Podcast begins with two guys named Dan who both are crazy about learning about life from birds. They're not just "bird geeks" or "bird whisperers," but instead, they allow birds to help inform their lives each and every day. Curious about what that means? Give it a listen...

Today's Guest is Dan Fontaine, Executive Director of the Wilderness Youth Project in Santa Barbara, California.

Topics/Random Lines from Ep #1 Include:

  • The 10% Guarantee
  • How Birds Ground us During Unstable Times
  • Enduring, Reliable Seasonal Rhythms in Nature
  • Tips for Bringing Birds & Mindfulness into Your Life
  • How to Find Cool Predators by Listening to Birds

Produced by Dan Gardoqui / Music by Jay Gardoqui

Copyright, March 2020 - Dan Gardoqui / Lead with Nature, LLC.