Ep. 235 - Walls Closing in on Joe Biden? Tara Reade, #MeToo Hypocrisy & Dementia? Sr. Biden Advisor Moe Vela

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May 02 2020 63 mins   28
Ep. 235 - Moe Vela, former Senior Advisor to Vice President #JoeBiden and Vice President Al Gore discusses Biden''s response #TaraReade's allegations and today's #MeToo compared with #Kavanaugh. Dave also goes into Joe's mental acuity, election 2020, values, and why Joe is promising to choose a VP based on gender and/or race. Moe was in charge of Human Resources while he was in the White House with Vice President Biden. He has been seen and quoted in CBS News, Fox News, The Hill, Yahoo TV, CGTN, Bloomberg, BBC, Politico, Fox Business and more. Find Moe on Twitter at http://twitter.com/moevela. https://youtu.be/k22TH4CX1mc Subscribe to Whiskey Politics on YouTube. Please Support #WhiskeyPolitics at http://paypal.me/mywhiskeypolitics. Cheers! Please subscribe to Whiskey Politics on YouTube, The Ricochet Audio Network and your favorite podcast application including TuneIn, GooglePlay, Stitcher, and Apple Podcast where your 5-star rating will be greatly appreciated! Find us at DaveSussman.com, Dave on Twitter, Whiskey Politics on Facebook, Dave Sussman Show on Facebook, and our newest platform, Maven.io.