#17 Pilot Talk - Electric Aviation with George Bye and Tony Thompson

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May 04 2020 51 mins   6

In today's episode, we are going to explore the future of electric aviation together with George Bye, the CEO of Bye Aerospace, and Tony Thompson, the President of Quantum.

George Bye is spearheading the development of the eFlyer2 and the eFlyer4 together with his team at Bye Aerospace. He has a background as a military pilot and a Flight Instructor in the US Air Force, and George has previously worked with Raytheon and Boeing where he was deeply involved with the development of military trainer aircraft. Tony Thompson has a background from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has been an aviation enthusiast since he was a young boy. When he identified electric aviation as "the next big thing" this led him to get engaged in the electric segment of the aviation industry together with his team at Quantum. Quantum has set out to solve the mobility challenge that major cities are facing.

Join the conversation as we explore the future of electric aviation together with these industry-leading pioneers.