22 | Thurston High School Shooting 🅴

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Aug 03 2017 33 mins   21
15 year old Kip Kinkel was a student at Thurston High School in Springfield, OR. One day, back in 1998, Kip snapped. He would murder both of his parents and then open fire in high school cafeteria. What pushed Kip to do such a thing? ---- twitter: @apexandabyss instagram: @apexandabyss email: [email protected] ---- Links: patreon.com/apexandabyss https://www.zazzle.com/apexandabyss https://apexandabyss.threadless.com/ ---- Music: Kai Engel - Habor Ars Sonor - Efterdyningen Kai Engel - Coelum ---- Special Thanks: Logos by Ski - @logosbyski