Ten Days in a Madhouse

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May 07 2020 22 mins   7

Nellie Bly, known for her book Ten Days in a Madhouse, was born in 1864 just outside of Pittsburgh. She would become a true suffragette and leader in women's voices. Nellie grew up living a typical life of domestic womanhood like many in those days, but she had a voice that needed to be heard. In 1885, she wrote to the Pittsburg Dispatch, going against an article that said the only purpose for women was to clean house and take care of children and that they had no business working outside the home. In her letter, she evoked a woman's God-given abilities to work and do other jobs well, despite what society thought. Her passionate rebuke landed her a job with the Dispatch for $5 a week. But women weren't respected in journalism. Women were allowed to write about food, gardening, household topics, and fashion. But Nellie wanted to be a real journalist. ​This is her fascinating story.

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