Community Guidelines Pissing you Off? #1445

May 08 2020 81 mins   5
Are Community Guidelines Pissing You off? Well, they are pissing a lot of people off and I say tough. I have a few choice words tonight and I will say the show is going to get a bit unbridled for a while. Also, I apologize to Andrew we will try round 3 in getting your audio played but it’s to good to not let me have commentary at the end. Your show support at this time is doubly appreciated as we had a pretty tough month in April. I hope you will consider a monthly insider donation and or a one-time annual donation. *** New Geek Central Discord Channel *** Subscribe to the Newsletter. Join the Chat @ GeekNews.Chat Email Todd or follow him on Facebook. Like and Follow Geek News Central Facebook Page. Download the Audio Show File Support my Show Sponsor: 5 Best Godaddy Promo Codes 30% Off on GoDaddy Products & Services cjcgeek30 $4.99 GoDaddy coupon for a New or Transferred .com domain cjcgeek99 $1.00 a month Economy Hosting with a free domain name. Promo Code: cjcgeek1h $1.00 a month Managed WordPress Hosting with free Domain name. Promo Code: cjcgeek1w Support the show by becoming a Geek News Central Insider Show Notes: US rule might let American companies work with Huawei Apple promotes accessibility tech with dedicated Apple Care Microsoft offers bug hunters $100,000 FTC sends more than 120 warnings Best VPN deals Facebook will let most employees work from home Peacock is coming to XBOX Want an Android TV On the cheap? New AT&T CEO says you’re a moron Apple is giving $10 million to COVID-19 testing kit company Pittsburgh airport to use UV-cleaning robots FCC fines Sinclair $48 million Sen. Ed Markey wants the FCC to rethink broadband plans Comcast resists call to open home Wi-Fi hotspots Uber Q1 Zoom and New York AG agree on security improvements Google Read Along Fortnite has more than 350 million users Zoom acquires Keybase Alamo Drafhouse offers an on-demand movie service US senators ask Amazon why are they firing whistleblowers Samsung is launching a debit card CBS plans to overhaul All Access Server sales went through the roof The post Community Guidelines Pissing you Off? #1445 appeared first on Geek News Central.