Ep. #19 Beyond The Veil With Melissa Robin

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May 08 2020 38 mins   3

In this episode we talk of all things ritual that make room for the feminine to THRIVE. The wonderful Melissa Robin shares about spontaneous sobriety after a sweat lodge experience, cacao medicine, embodied healing and the masculine hustle. Don't miss this beautiful soul share her inspiring story and magic. I am so blessed to know of this sweet Goddess Si-STAR! Thank you so much, Melissa. xoxo
A sacred way to explore your divine feminine is through one of Melissa's life changing Goddess Sessions and her current offering of an online master class The Goddess Unveiled, info HERE. Check out her stunning work on IG: @melissarobinphoto and her website: www.Melissarobinphoto.com  (photograph on Cover Art by Melissa Robin)