Episode 035 - Paul Rowlandson, LS & Michelle Blicavs, CAE 🅴

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May 10 2020 73 mins   3

Do not miss the first Geoholics episode from “down under”! Paul Rowlandson, LS is the President of Consulting Surveyors National in Australia. Paul has been a registered surveyor for many, many, many years and was awarded Professional Surveyor of the Year in 2018 for his commitment to the land surveying profession. Michelle Blicavs, CAE is the CEO of the Association of Consulting Surveyors. This association brings together surveyors from across Australia for training, leadership and advocacy. Through Michelle’s leadership, the Surveying Industry in Australia has a seat at the important tables of government where decisions are made and she is making sure the voice of surveyors is heard in the halls of government. We “throw a shrimp on the barbie” and talk all things surveying with these two Australian influencers! DO NOT enter manholes without taking proper precaution! Producer Jake graduates and puts the boys on the spot re: COVID19. Big Shoots needs to get a baseball fix before he completely loses what’s left of his mind. DD gloats about now having two college graduate daughters and his magnet fishing and coin pusher obsession. Please continue to support your local small businesses. Music for this episode by INXS!