Elon Musk says take me to Jail #1446

May 12 2020 73 mins   4
Elon Musk is going to open his factories against the Alameda County health official and told employees willing to report to work. If Walmart can be open why cannot other businesses be open within reason is what I say. Time to get the country rolling again while we have a country left to go back to work to. Your show support at this time is doubly appreciated as we had a pretty tough month in April. I hope you will consider a monthly insider donation and or a one-time annual donation. *** New Geek Central Discord Channel *** Subscribe to the Newsletter. Join the Chat @ GeekNews.Chat Email Todd or follow him on Facebook. Like and Follow Geek News Central Facebook Page. Download the Audio Show File Support my Show Sponsor: 5 Best Godaddy Promo Codes 30% Off on GoDaddy Products & Services cjcgeek30 $4.99 GoDaddy coupon for a New or Transferred .com domain cjcgeek99 $1.00 a month Economy Hosting with a free domain name. Promo Code: cjcgeek1h $1.00 a month Managed WordPress Hosting with free Domain name. Promo Code: cjcgeek1w Support the show by becoming a Geek News Central Insider Show Notes: The best way to update Windows 10 and all of your apps The Galaxy Note 20 is coming Genesis launches Concierge How to find free ebooks Intel and Penn Medicine Mars might be full of puddles but… How to update your Android phone and apps Roborock H6 A 2024 Moon landing? The Mandalorian Season 2 A SpaceX consultant on creating a new crewed spacecraft Elon Musk defies coronavirus order Google and Mount Sinai use Nest Cams Microsoft and Intel turn malware into images Twitter will add labels to tweets with misleading Covid-19 claims Michigan implores Facebook to better enforce its rules Photos of Jupiter find holes in the Great Red Spot Thunderbolt flaw let hackers steal your data What’s new on Netflix Newton Mail Hackers sell over 73 million stolen user records WHO will launch a Covid-19 app The post Elon Musk says take me to Jail #1446 appeared first on Geek News Central.