Episode 33 - Creep Show 🅴

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May 12 2020 53 mins   1

This week on Fearless Films, Pete introduces Kevin to an anthology horror film, Creepshow! This is when a movie is comprised of multiple short stories that all tell individual spooky tales.

Pete explains why murder always leads to vengeful ghosts (so just don't do it!). He also sings his praise to author Stephen King's crowning acting achievement as a dimwitted country bumpkin.

Kevin weighs the pros and cons of getting rid of his wife by feeding her to an arctic monster that lives in a box. He then decides it will be much easier to just live in a hermetically sealed apartment and let his kids deliver his meals to him through the mail slot.

So join us for the darkly funny, and horrifyingly silly jaunt that is CREEPSHOW! And remember, don't get too scared...