Welcome to The Opus - Season 3: Jeff Buckley's Grace

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Aug 13 2019 1

Consequence of Sound and Sony have teamed up once again to bring you the third season of The Opus, a podcast that examines the evolving legacy of music’s most iconic albums. The series returns with new host Carrie Courogen to dig into the depths of Jeff Buckley’s only full-length record, Grace. Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Grace remains as vital and powerful as it was when first released back in 1994. Over the course of three episodes, The Opus takes listeners through the years since, exploring how Buckley’s singular vulnerability and tragic death have impacted the way we perceive his greatest work. Through discussions with critics, artists, musicians, scholars, and other personalities, The Opus will present an unparalleled look at the magic and mastery of Grace. The Opus: Grace premieres August 15th.