#18 Pilot Talk - Petter Hörnfeldt (Mentour Pilot)

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May 18 2020 46 mins   5

Petter Hörnfeldt is a type rating examiner and line-training Captain on the Boeing 737 and did his initial flight training at OSM Aviation Academy in Västerås, Sweden. Petter is also known as 'Mentour Pilot', the name of his YouTube channel where he has close to 600,000 subscribers. In addition to flying and creating videos on the topic of aviation, Petter runs a website https://mentourpilot.com/ and has developed an app called 'Mentour Aviation'. Petter has created a massive community built around insightful and helpful information about the pilot profession and the aviation industry.

In this episode, we talk about what sparked Petter's interest in aviation, his path towards becoming a pilot, and the ups and downs of the aviation industry. We also discuss the challenges our industry is facing today and some of the initiatives we are seeing from airlines, governments, and individuals to ensure that aviation will continue to connect people around the world.