The Zan and Jordan Show - Episode 2

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May 13 2020 137 mins   8

the mythological story that lives within you, perhaps you can bring something of real substance to your village folk.

Today we’re here to remind you that everything - everything - is going to be fine!

In this episode:

00:06:59 - From "order to chaos" movies: we’re in one now!
00:09:39 - Financial fear & positioning yourself for economic downturns
00:15:35 - Reducing your possessions & cleaning out your house
00:20:59 - Zan’s friend who became a monk in Myanmar (that’s not in Europe!)
00:24:58 - Prove to yourself that you can trust life
00:26:07 - On saving up money before living your dream (Casanova)
00:32:06 - Exploring the honest notion of “wandering” (it’s not escapism)
00:35:14 - Humility, obedience, poverty - redefining the “tyranny” of the catholic church
00:39:25 - Meditating on austerity (as a way to handle the anxiety of collapse)
00:42:34 - Your fundamental gift to humanity will never get stripped away
00:54:27 - Noblemen poets on the edges of the nature, praying for verse
01:01:07 - Art is handed to you from the divine; kitsch is art you didn’t receive
01:05:10 - Don’t coach the group! Share your story!
01:07:42 - Depth of perspective: latest-news, complexity theory & the historical perspective
01:23:10 - How to ground your awareness in the miracles of history
01:34:40 - Everybody has a core question that drives their lives
01:39:03 - Zan’s narrative: from nature to culture
01:43:51 - Healing power of nature
01:50:29  - Finding calmness through topography
02:00:40 - Approaching midlife and changing everything 
02:05:55 - Question from a viewer: why did Zan go to Florence if he never left the hotel?
02:12:10 - Self-isolation: essential for the man who wants to understand anything important about his life

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Movie - The Red Violin
Article - Ray Dalio - The Changing World Order

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