Ep. #17 Deep Knowing with Meghan French

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May 01 2020 57 mins   2

In this episode we talk to the upbeat and inspiring, Meghan French, who is by far living her best life. Meghan shares how her sobriety has truly created a deep sense of inner knowing, trust and freedom, in a way she hadn't experienced. How moving through a break up, dating and quarantine have been exponentially more fun and manageable because of the work she has put in and the real form of self love, care and compassion she is now able to offer herself. How loss of old parts of your life might seem hard, but it is in that change that creates a new life full of inspiration and possibility. It was a wonderful uplifting conversation I know you will get so much out of. Meghan is a Real Estate agent in Portland, OR… You can find find her on IG @meghanfrenchrealestate  Thank you Meghan!