Aircraft Carriers

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Dec 08 2007 17 mins   4
Aircraft Carriers are the ultimate tool of modern power projection. They are symbols of both naval strength and air superiority. This episode covers their history and their future:
  • 1840s: Balloon Carriers are invented
  • 1900s: Seaplane Carriers are invented
  • 1910s: Modern aircraft carriers are invented
  • 1930s-1940s: WWII (five major carrier battles)
    • Pearl Harbor: Japan's six carriers surprise the United States Navy
    • Coral Sea: Japan's three carriers engage America's two carriers (both lose one carrier)
    • Midway: America's three carriers engage Japan's four carriers and sink all four, with the help of codebreakers and reconnaissance. Considered a turning point in the Pacific War
    • Philippine Sea: America's sixteen carriers destroy or disable all but 35 of the 500 Japanese carrier-based aircraft
    • Leyte Gulf: America's seventeen carriers decisively defeat the Imperial Japanese Navy in the largest naval battle in history
  • WWII-present: US Carrier Strike Groups control the seas
For more information, read:
The Pacific War Companion by Daniel Marston
Jane’s Warship Recognition Guide
Imperial Japanese Navy Aircraft Carriers (1921-1945) by Mark Stille
US Navy Bluejacket’s Manual

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