Erwin Rommel the Desert Fox

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Feb 04 2006 9 mins   3
Erwin Rommel (due to propaganda by Goebbels) was considered a hero to both the allies and the axis. "Only Napoleon had made a comparable impression on the British" -BH Lidell Hart. The following are major eras in his life: * WWI: As a junior officer, Rommel became the youngest man to win the Pour le Merite (the most prestigious award in the German Army) for his actions at the Battle of Longarone. * Between the Wars: Rommel wrote Infantry Attacks and Tank Attacks. This greatly impressed Hitler, and eventually led to gaining more power in the Army. * WWII (France): Led the 7th Panzer Divison (also known as the Ghost Divison) in a mad dash towards the Atlantic in the initial battle to conquer France. * WWII (Africa): Led the Afrika Korps in roller coast campaign across north Africa, the southern flank of Europe. He was finally defeated at the Battle of El Alamein. * WWII (Atlantic Wall): Submitted a plan for the defense of Europe which was tragically disregarded by the German command. * Rommel is suspected of plotting to assassinate the Fuhrer. Hitler forces him to commit suicide. For more information, read Extreme war by Terrence Poulos, Reader’s Digest Illustrated Story of World War II, Infantry Attacks by Erwin Rommel Military History Podcast is sponsored by Armchair General Magazine