32 — Shavuot: What’s a Jew, Anyway?

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May 28 2020 25 mins   14

This week, for Shavuot, we answer a question from Xava De Cordova (from Xai, how are you?) and talk about what it means to be a member of a Jewish community. But that's a big topic, so in particular, we're contrasting our perspectives on Christian beliefs in the context of Jewish communities and what it means to hold an expansive idea of community while also valuing Judaism’s uniqueness. Basically, we argue about what Judaism is, but agree that arguing itself is definitely Jewish. Plus, we read some podcast reviews on air!

Full transcript here.

The reference to seeing the name Huna in a dream being a good omen is in Berakhot 57a. Here's the Jewish summer program, Szarvas, that Jaz went on in high school and argued about what it meant to be Jewish. Here is a summary of Maimonides Thirteen Principles of Faith.

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