Ep. #24 Answering The Call, Week 1: 40 Days To Freedom From Alcohol

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May 27 2020 39 mins   6

YES!! 40 Days To FREEDOM!!
Today we explore recognition. It's time. Show up, commit. You have NOTHING TO LOSE.

You know what your life looks like with alcohol.  It's not getting more fun, interesting or surprising you with new results. Why not take a closer look? You are here, you have already heard the call of your highest self, she is ready and waiting for you to answer. What if, the next 40 days of your life, just by committing, by taking indecision off the plate, changed your life for the better, forever? 
It will. No matter what phase of drinking you are in, it's time to dive deeper. 
Take time to listen to each week without interruption if possible. 
This isn’t about taking a break to prove you can. 
This is about shifting your perspective to see what lies beyond the bottle.
Stay open, get curious, try a new way!
This is the process of saying YES to you by reclaiming your TRUTH as Your Identity.

Saying YES first to vulnerability. 
Saying YES to the willingness to be wrong or feel different about alcohol than you use to.
Saying YES to curiosity. 

The weeks self inquiry: ( at home course study)
-Create your LIFE INTENTION (ep. #8)
You can't change if you if don't know WHY you are changing.
The 5 highest values and thoughts about them of your big WHY.
What does this life mean to you?
Why does it matter that you are looking at your relationship to alcohol?
How do you want to be in the world?
What do you represent?
How do you want to inspire others?
What does it mean to be a Woman in her Power?
Answer these questions everyday. Re-read them every morning.

-Everyday use the morning sensory check in.
Before the day takes you away, go through each of your 5 senses to begin to become familiar with the place of your center, where you are GROUNDED.
This is that place where you can feel into the center of the wheel of change.
The place where YOU are in control.
Not where you are clinging and grasping at the wheel of change being flung around.

-Make a declaration of commitment! Write it down, tell a friend!
For the next 40 Days, I am committing to examining my relationship with alcohol, everyday, no matter what. From a place of real observation and curiosity.
If you don't want to tell anyone, tell me! Email me that you are onboard and any questions you would like to be answered. (completely confidential of course).
[email protected]

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