Alexander the Great - Part Two

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Mar 11 2006 10 mins   4
Alexander then met Darius at Issus, where he again defeated a much larger Persian Army. In the course of this battle, Alexander captured Darius' family, including Queen Stateira (who would later die in capitivity), and his daughter (the most beautiful woman in the world). For the next few years, Alexander captured Egypt and several port cities including Tyre. Eventually, Alexander headed eastward and defeated Darius for the last time at Gaugamela. Darius, however, managed to get away, but was later killed by his brother Bessus. Soon after this battle, Alexander met King Porus of India at the Hydaspes River. Alexander defeated King Porus, but this battle discouraged his men from fighting any longer. After a long trek, which resulted in 3/4 of his men dying, Alexander returned to Babylon where he was either killed or assassinated. After his death, his kingdom was split into three regions under the Antigonids, the Seleucids, and the Ptolemies. For more information, read Alexander by Plutarch, Extreme War by Terrence Poulos, and Military History Quarterly (Spring 1998): Alexander the Killer Military History Podcast is sponsored by Armchair General Magazine