Alexander the Great - Part One

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Mar 04 2006 10 mins   5
Alexander, who was destined to be great since before he was born, ascended to the Macedonian Throne at the age of 20 after his father, Philip, was murdered. After regaining control of Greece, Alexander crossed the Hellespont into Asia Minor to liberate Greeks and to defeat the Persians. Alexander first met Darius of Persia at the Battle of Granicus River, where he defeated the much larger Persian Army with his phalanxes. Alexander almost died in this battle. After he routed the Persians, Alexander slaughtered 18,000 Greek mercenaries, in order to punish them for helping the enemy. Throughout the rest of his campaign, Alexander would show himself to be brutal towards his enemies. For more information, read Alexander by Plutarch, Extreme War by Terrence Poulos, and Military History Quarterly (Spring 1998): Alexander the Killer Military History Podcast is sponsored by Armchair General Magazine