Essential Geopolitics: Protests, Looting and Radical Extremism

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Jun 04 2020 8 mins   141

In this episode of the Essential Geopolitics podcast from Stratfor, a RANE company, Emily Donahue speak with global security analyst, Ben West about the impact of COVID-19 and the economic crisis on social protests about racial injustice. Protests were not prompted solely by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Factors intensifying the unrest in 2020 include years of building frustration over police violence against African Americans, extremely graphic video of the initial incident and protests that beget a cycle of shared content that prompts further protests. and  pent up frustration over the COVID-19 pandemic, ongoing lockdowns, and inconsistent messaging from leaders about efforts to manage the crisis. All of which contribute to social unrest. Subscribers to Stratfor Worldview can read decades of analysis of eaves of social unrest in the US as well as the global community. Podcast listeners get a subscription discount.