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Jun 07 2020 53 mins   135
“DEATH OF THE ICE CREAM BLONDE: WHO KILLED THELMA TODD?” and More True Stories! #WeirdDarkness Give to FOOD FOR THE POOR: https://www.WeirdDarkness.com/FOOD If you like the podcast, please leave a review in the podcast app you listen from, and share a link to the podcast on Facebook and Twitter to invite others to become Weirdos too! IN THIS EPISODE: 
She was sexy, she was flirtatious… then she was dead. Who killed actress Thelma Todd, and why does her ghost still linger in Hollywood? (Death Of The Ice Cream Blonde) *** A woman has been haunted by a dark, cloaked and hooded entity for the past eighteen years. And it’s real – because her husband has seen it too. (Followed By A Hooded Entity) *** Gary Heidnik didn't just kidnap, torture, and murder women in the basement of his house of horrors — he got one of his victims to help. (Gary Heidnik: The Inspiration for Buffalo Bill) TRANSCRIPT FOR THIS EPISODE… Find a partial transcript of this episode by scrolling down this blog post. https://weirddarkness.com/archives/6605 MENTIONED IN THE EPISODE… Donate to FOOD FOR THE POOR: https://WeirdDarkness.com/FOOD SUPPORT THE PODCAST… Become a patron: http://www.WeirdDarkness.com/WEIRDO Visit the store: http://www.WeirdDarkness.com/STORE Social media and contact info: http://www.WeirdDarkness.com/CONTACT STORY AND MUSIC CREDITS/SOURCES… (Note: Over time links can and may become invalid, disappear, or have different content.) “Death Of The Ice Cream Blonde” by Troy Taylor: http://bit.ly/2XkqRZA “Followed By A Hooded Entity” by Chaos 92: http://bit.ly/2UIJcme “Gary Heidnik: The Inspiration for Buffalo Bill” by Mark Oliver: http://bit.ly/2UIO2Qw Weird Darkness opening and closing theme by Alibi Music Library. Background music, varying by episode, provided by Alibi Music, EpidemicSound and/or AudioBlocks with paid license; Shadows Symphony (http://bit.ly/2W6N1xJ), Midnight Syndicate (http://amzn.to/2BYCoXZ), and/or Nicolas Gasparini/Myuu (https://www.youtube.com/user/myuuji) used with permission. 

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