STRANGE DUMPING GROUNDS and More True, Weird and Dark Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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Jun 07 2020 65 mins   163
STRANGE DUMPING GROUNDS and More True, Weird and Dark Stories! #WeirdDarkness Give to FOOD FOR THE POOR: If you like the podcast, please leave a review in the podcast app you listen from, and share a link to the podcast on Facebook and Twitter to invite others to become Weirdos too! IN THIS EPISODE: Where are bodies dumped most often? What are some of the strangest places bodies have been found, and what odd situations ended up in death? We’ll look at some weird stories of dead bodies being found. (Strange Dumping Grounds) *** A man is found dead – obviously murdered. But even after a positive identification, some believed the body was not of the man authorities thought it was – and an even larger mystery was, whose monogrammed handkerchief was stuffed in the corpse’s mouth? (The Ruttinger Mystery) *** In Florida, there is a short stretch of freeway that is so full of incidents of danger, death, and the paranormal, that many consider it cursed – and most definitely haunted. Locals have deemed it, the Dead Zone. (Hauntings On Highway I-4) 
 TRANSCRIPT FOR THIS EPISODE… Find a full or partial transcript at the bottom of this blog post. SUPPORT THE PODCAST… Become a patron: Visit the store: Social media and contact info: STORY AND MUSIC CREDITS/SOURCES… (Note: Over time links can and may become invalid, disappear, or have different content.) “Strange Dumping Grounds” by Jessika M. Thomas (, Mariel Loveland (, and Rachel Stewart “The Ruttinger Mystery” by Robert Wilhelm: “Hauntings On Highway I-4” by Brent Swancer: Weird Darkness opening and closing theme by Alibi Music Library. Background music, varying by episode, provided by Alibi Music, EpidemicSound and/or AudioBlocks with paid license; Shadows Symphony (, Midnight Syndicate (, and/or Nicolas Gasparini/Myuu ( used with permission. 

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