The Daily Booktopian 05/06/20 - Grit, A Song Below Water, The Space Between

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Jun 04 2020 11 mins   2
Welcome to 'The Daily Booktopian,' where our book team goes over the best books you should be reading right now in the time of social isolation and COVID-19. For our forty-sixth episode, Nick hosts Cassandra Sharp & Samantha Joice to discuss the books that have been grabbing their attention over this period of social distancing. Disclaimer: Apologies for the lower sound quality, we will be looking to improve it in subsequent podcasts. Books Mentioned in this podcast: Alex Miles - Girl Geeks: The Hackathon: Bethany C. Morrow - A Song Below Water: Angela Duckworth - Grit: Aussie Author Shoutout: Zara McDonald, Michelle Andrews - The Space Between: Girl Geek Academy: Host: Nick Wasiliev Guests: Cassandra Sharp & Samantha Joice Producer: Nick Wasiliev