Crimea - The First Modern War

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Apr 22 2006 10 mins   3
In the 1800s, the Ottoman Empire was instructed by both France and Russia to protect Catholic and Orthodox Christians that were within its empire. These two instructions conflicted and the Ottomans chose to side with France. Seeing an opportunity to limit Russian expansion, Britain, Austria and Prussia also support the "Allies" (France, Ottomans). This angered Russia and it invaded the Danubian Principalities in 1853, as well as destroyed the Ottoman Black Sea fleet at the Battle of Sinop.

The Allies then sent an ultimatum (which was accepted by the Russians) but didn't stop the attack. They landed on the Crimean Peninsula and began the Siege of Sevastopol (the Russian naval base). Twice, the Russians tried to break out, including once at the Battle of Bacalava. This battle witnessed the famous Charge of the Light Brigade (which ended in a slaughter of British cavalrymen). Eventually, the Russians surrendered and the Crimean War ended.

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