SUP the Danube 3,000km along Europe's greatest river with Andy Bartlett

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Jun 05 2020 48 mins   2
If you looked at the map of Europe and began to ponder a stand up paddle board adventure, a blue streak would leap out at you. The Danube River commences it's 3,000 km journey in south western Germany and plunges down a racy course towards Munich but manages to weave in between Stuttgart and Munich before flowing through Austria, taking in Vienna before assuming the mantle of a border between Slovakia and Hungary. Turning south just before Budapest the "Blue Danube" coasts down through Serbia and Romania before emptying into the Black Sea. What a ride! Andy Bartlett recounts his trip along this magnificent water course, and inspires us to get on a board and complete an adventure, no matter how small or large it is. We also touch on many other fun and epic projects he has achieved to date but the over-riding message here is "get on the water". Plan your trip now! Andy is an engaging speaker and I personally found him extremely entertaining and easy to chat to. Follow his journey on ( -Nick We mention (Matt Crofton's book Mighty) which you can purchase through that link. Support this podcast