RMM-Episode 010: Interview with R.W. Bro. Kevin Townley, the Grand Lecturer of the Grand Lodge of Colorado

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Jun 10 2020 66 mins   12

In this episode Ben interviews R.W. Bro. Kevin Townley, Grand Lecturer of the Grand Lodge of Colorado. R.W. Bro. Kevin has a varied and interesting past - in his teens he joined a monastery and became a Carmelite monk. Later he would be a founding member of the Philosophers of Nature in the United States. He is the author of The Cube of Space and Meditations on the cube of Space. He also reprinted a faithful reproduction of H.P. Bromwell's impressive tome, Restorations of Masonic Geometry and Symbolry. R.W. Bro. Kevin has been a student and teacher of the Western Mystery Tradition for nearly 40 years.

Kevin offers insights into a spiritual awakening arising in Masonry. He discusses the desire of new members for meaning in Masonry, beyond the quotidian. He discusses the importance of the rite of initiation in impressing subtle truths on the candidate to become more in Masonry.

Find R.W. Bro. Kevin's books available online at: https://kevintownley.com/

Three books R.W. Bro. Kevin recommends to the attention of the curious student:

The Meaning of Masonry, by Walter Leslie Wilmhurst

Masonic Initiaiton, by Walter Leslie Wilmhurst

Initiation, Human and Solar

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