34 — Behaalotecha: El na refa na la

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Jun 11 2020 61 mins   13

For this week's episode, Jaz and Lulav are joined by guest Julia Franco. Julia introduces us to Tzipporah's gay dads and Miriam's skin condition, Lulav reclaims the word pascal, there are continuity errors, the priests form a long daisy chain of blessings over two bowls, and meanwhile, the rabbis don't endorse procrastination but do endorse second chances to be involved in religious life. 

Full transcript here.

Shout out to Mem on Twitter @shabbosdyke for xer insights about Christian use of terminology. These are vuvuzelot, that Lulav thinks are the holy things that priests are using. Lulav mentioned the podcast Sefirat HOmoer, another queer Jewish podcast. BoJack Horseman, with the character Hollyhock Manheim-Mannheim-Guerrero-Robinson-Zilberschlag-Hsung-Fonzerelli-McQuack, can be watched on Netflix. You can see the verse in Bamidbar 11:10 here. Also, Lulav mentions Gödel's incompleteness theorem super offhandedly, and if you want to read more about that it looks like you can do that here.

Here's the midrash about Miriam telling her father to go back and re-marry her mother. Here's Rabbi Meir saying you can't declare your relatives pure of tzaraat. You can learn more about Alicia Jo Rabins here, and you can buy "Snow" and its album here. Also, if you want to include us in your Jewish archive, drop us a line? Here's Julia's "Prince of Egypt" fanfic and her Tumblr, plus the specific post from her Tumblr that she sent when she was pitching us on coming on the episode.

Content notes: non-explicit sex mention from 34:45 to about 35:45. Also, Julia drops a swear word at 37:21.

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