Pen and Sword: Spies of the Deep with W. Craig Reed

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Jun 12 2020 21 mins   125

In this episode of the Pen and Sword podcast from Stratfor, a RANE company, Emily Donahue speaks to William Craig Reed about an event that happened  twenty years ago, after the Cold War had ended, and a few months before the US and Russia sent the first crew to the international space station.

The event was the explosion that sent the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk to the bottom of the Barents Sea.  William Craig Reed says the tragic accident wasn't the whole story of that event and we can learn much from what happened today. Reed is the former navy diver and fast-attack submariner, and the author of Red November. You can read original geopolitical analysis of the Kursk event, as well as the relationship between Russia, China and the U.S. today at Stratfor Worldview, the premiere geopolitical publication from RANE. Podcast listeners get a significant discount on a subscription. Go to to subscribe.