Occupying Iraq (2003-2007)

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Apr 19 2008 27 mins   2
This episode covers the period between Bush's declaration of "Mission Accomplished" and the change in coalition leadership (from General Casey to General Petraeus). The following major events and topics are discussed:

  • 2003: Deaths of Saddam's two sons (Qusay and Uday), capture of Saddam, Baathist Purge, National Museum looting, and Bremer's disbanding of the Iraqi Army.
  • 2004: Sectarian violence and displacement, Operation Vigiliant Resolve (1st Fallujah), Battle of Ramadi, Battle of Husaybah, Battle of Mosul, Operation Phanton Fury (2nd Fallujah), Blackwater USA, medals of honor.
  • 2005: January and December Legislative Elections, Battle of Haditha, Abu Ghraib.
  • 2006: Handing three provinces to Iraqi authority, death of Zarqawi, execution of Saddam, Al-Askari mosque bombing, Operation Together Forward (Baghdad), Battle of Ramadi.
  • 2007: Battle of Haifa Street (Baghdad), creation of the new Counterinsurgency Field Manual (3-24).
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