Crassus vs. Spartacus

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Feb 09 2008 15 mins   6
Crassus was the wealthiest man in Rome. Before he joined the First Triumvirate with Pompey and Caesar, he struggled to make a name for himself. His big break came with the outbreak of the Third Servile War, when Spartacus led a slave rebellion throughout the Italian Peninsula. Spartacus and his men wreaked havoc throughout the region, defeating several Roman legions. Although his original plan was to escape to Gaul and head home, Spartacus decided to head south towards Sicily. However, his transport (the Cilician Pirates) failed to arrive in time, and Crassus was able to bring his legions in from behind to trap Spartacus. In the ensuing battle, Spartacus was killed and many more slaves were crucified. Crassus achieved some fame but in the end, his career would pale in comparison to Pompey and Caesar. He was killed in Parthia after a failed showing at the Battle of Carrhae by having molten gold poured down his throat.

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