Scorpion Down

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Aug 25 2007 13 mins   2
This episode is a summary of the USS Scorpion incident of 1968 and a review of the book, Scorpion Down, by Ed Offley (Published by Perseus Books). The USS Scorpion, a Skipjack-class nuclear submarine, was heading from the Mediterranean Sea to Norfolk, Virginia, when it mysteriously sank, making it only the second nuclear submarine that the US Navy has ever lost. The US Navy and other authors claimed that the USS Scorpion and its 99 crew members were lost because of a weapons accident or because of mechanical failure. However, according to Ed Offley, the USS Scorpion was sunk by the Soviets in retaliation for the US sinking the Soviet K-129 diesel-electric sub a few months before.

The book is written by an experienced and well-qualified author. It is a must-read for anybody who was involved with the submarine or with the search, and it is a recommended read for any submarine enthusiasts or conspiracy theory enthusiasts. To purchase, visit

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